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click "Play" to start the game.

GETTING STARTED(click to view/hide)

  1. Simply click the "Play" button to begin.

  2. A 'Blue' word-box will drop into the animated owl screen.
  3. Using your keyboard, begin typing the word, each correctly typed letter will be highlighted in the word-box
  4. If the 'entire' word is typed correctly it will 'explode' and points will be awarded.
  5. You will also notice that other word-boxes(in pink) automatically appear at random intervals. When they 'turn' blue (only) you can spell them.
  6. You may continue to try to spell the word in the blue box until it disappears off the right side of the screen.( In other words if you miss-type a letter you can attempt to correct it until it's blue box disappears.)

GAME CONTROLS (view/hide)

  1. You can, alternately 'pause' and 'resume' the game by clicking on the play button on the game console.
  2. You can also restart the game by clicking on the 'reset' button on the game console.

SCORING: (view/hide)

  1. Points are awarded for both correctly spelled words(+50) and individual letters(+10).
  2. If you do not complete the word or spell it incorrectly you receive only the points(+10) for each correctly spelled letter.
  3. As an example, if the word is 'magic', you could receive a possible score of 100 ( +50 for spelling it correctly, and an additional +10 points for each letter)

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