With these Brain Teasers your brain will be exercised


Below you will find some fun brain teasers to ponder.


1] Billy likes apples rather than oranges, vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate

he would rather watch football or baseball than hockey and he likes summer and

fall over winter and spring.

( Can you explain billy's peculiar tendencies?)

2] What Earth month is represented by these alien appearing symbols below?

3] Queen are you sorry you are Queen? ( What is unique about this statement?)

4] Name a familiar five letter word that becomes shorter if you Add

two letters to its tail.

5] Johnny bumped his head last night and when he woke up he was able to

speak in fluent french. (How is this possible?)

6] Is it possible for Join to start with 'J' and end with an 'E' ? (Explain)

7] Jim and Jay went fishing with 10 worms for bait .

Jim caught 5 fish and Jay caught 2 fish.

Together they used all but three worms. (How many worms were left?)

8] Three sisters named Mary , Dinah, and Sheila went to the parlor to get

their hair done. Of the three only Dinah might get her hair dyed red.

(Which one is likely to explode?)

9] Katrina brought home a certain amount of peaches from the grocery in a

sack. She took no peaches from the sack and left no peaches in the sack.

(How many peaches were inside the sack?)

10] Lorie claims the P is in the middle of the alphabet. (How can she be right?)

11] What is the name of my wife's poodle.

12] Tim Rines is a bachelor yet has married over 50 women. (Anagram he

what must his profession be?)

13] FORTY is the only number word with letters in alphabetical order.

(What is the only number word that has its letters in reverse alphabetical order"

Hint : it is less than fifty.)

14] When Mr. Smith is at his shop to let customers know he is there he uses four

letter cards to show 'OPEN' in his window. ( How might he use those same letters to let

his customers know he has left the shop? )

15] A senator's son's father was not a senator. (How is this possible?)


Please check back for more Brain puzzles in August.

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