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For Online Puzzle Games About Us please take a moment to meet our founder and creator , Steve Fields.

  • About Steve

Steve has quite a diverse backround, he served in the US Navy (1984-93) as an Electronics Technician aboard a nuclear powered-submarine , USS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626B). and holds a degree in mathematics.

Since leaving the Navy Steve has worked in several sectors of business, working most recently for At &t Mobility in the Customer Relations Department.

Steve has been married twice, his oldest son Shawn (born in 1993), still lives in Las Vegas.

Steve now resides in North Carolina with his second wife ( and love of his life, Lorie ) and their soon to be three-year old daughter, Charish-Faith.

Steve, Lorie and Charish

  • Starting your own internet research company

After working for at&t for the last several years , I grew tired of the hustle and bustle of the old 'Rate Race' and decided to put my mathematical talents to better use.

In March or April of 2012, I came across a book entitled 'Starting your own internet research company' and thus began the journey.

So I jumped into the project like an eager child at Christmas , all caution to the wind and started my research immediately.

Steve and Lorie, 2011.

  • BUILDING A SITE ( A Cautionary Tale)

Step-by-step follows Steve's cautionary tale:

1] Bought my first domain mid-April at a reputable company (Go-Daddy, you might have heard of them- they are famolus for their Super Bowl commercials).

2] My concept : build a site based on "INTERNET RESEARCH", ( hey I am an analytical guy, after all)

3] Learned HTML and CSS.

  • About Puzzles-on-line-niche.com

I've always enjoyed puzzle games and puzzles in general, and had a lot of ideas swirling around in my noggin for many moons.

  • Solo Build It DISCOVERY

Steve says "I have been planning this web site for years but just had never found the proper format,

or had been able to find a suitable site creation design, that is until very recently, having discovered

a secret Called Solo Build It" ( but, more on that in a moment).

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