Ring puzzle instructions are normally included with the product that you purchase.These instructions can often be as confounding as the devices themselves.Or as my dear old mother once exclaimed:

"After trying to read instructions over and over that made no sense I was ready to throw the darn thing away"

My goal therefore in the following sections will be to try to 'de-mystify' these instructions, by discussing the solutions , which are basically the instructions-simplified, ( hang in there mom! ) read on to find out how.

  1. 4- 6- 8- 12- Band Ring Puzzles

When talking about ring puzzle instructions of this type it has been my experience that there are two

broad categories here :

(A). We have the standard type of ring (which can there be a multitude of variations on a basic

mechanical ring theme),but the key remains the same they are all disentanglement puzzles of

one sort or another.One of the more entertaining of these 'mechanical' types being the Towers of Hanoi.

Click on this link to see a unique solution. Towers of Hanoi The Ring Puzzle Solutions

Additionally there is a puzzle game based on the Tower of Hanoi which you can play

interactively here: Tower of Hanoi puzzle game.

(B) The second actual "ring" ( as in a piece of jewelry ), is more commonly called the ' Turkish ' puzzle ring,

and has a very interesting origin.Briefly the old-wives tale says that the Turkish ring puzzle was a ring the

husband would place upon the finger of his dearly beloved, and if he left town it would act as a deterrent to

infidelity because as the story goes the spouse would have to remove the ring (back then they evidently had

higher moral standards), once removed the ring would fall apart and if one was not able to re-assemble the

device- well, lets just say there might be the devil- to -pay for the cheating wife.

Click this link to see the Turkish Puzzle Ring Solution

  1. 5- 7- 10- Ring Mechanical or Chinese Ring Puzzles

The 5-ring mechanical puzzle instructions follow (more commonly referred to as the 'Chinese' Ring puzzle)

is a noteworthy puzzle, also known as the Cardans’ rings, the Baguenaudier or the Renaissance puzzle.

Although the puzzle is a disentanglement type puzzle it also has mechanical puzzle attributes, and the

solution is derived from a binary mathematical process that can be accomplished in a mere 21 steps!

Click on this link to see how

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