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By definition, Trivia is insignificant facts, or trifles. But for some there can be

no denying they are delightful little diversions. Lucky for you we have found some

of the most joyfully meaningless questions available ,( which we have crafted into

several different categories below).

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Trivia-Category: General
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1] What term was used in Ancient Rome to describe the intersection of three roads?

ANSWER: Why, TRIVIA,of course!

2] A popular trivia game called '6- degrees of separation' is in reference to what movie actor?

ANSWER: Kevin Bacon.The game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon was invented as a play on the concept: the goal is to link any actor to Kevin Bacon through no more than six connections, where two actors are connected if they have appeared in a movie or commercial together.

3] What popular question-and-answer game was introduced in 1983?

ANSWER: Trivial Pursuit!

4] The 'Rim of the World' highway is located in what scenic western state?

ANSWER: California!

Rim Of the World

5] Disney's EPCOT center is a popular tourist attraction. Exactly what is an EPCOT? (What do the initials stand for?)?

ANSWER: Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow !
(No wonder it is called EPCOT)


1]What holiday ,celebrating the end of summer was first observed in 1894?

ANSWER: Labor Day!

2] What spring holiday was originally called 'decoration day'?

ANSWER: Memorial day. It received its original title "Decoration day", because that was the day that people tended to the graves of the fallen by 'decorating' them with flowers .

3] Technically speaking how many National American Holidays are there?

ANSWER: Technically , none. Though the Federal government can declare certain holidays for federal employess, it is the States which have to declare holidays!

4] What patriotic holiday was created by president Wilson in 1916?

ANSWER: Flag Day (June 14)!

5] What federal holiday began as a day for employees in Washington, D.C. in 1880?

ANSWER: George Washington's Birthday(Feb 22)!

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What was the title of the first official Beatles song released in 1962?"
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Try this short (ten question) survey of American history. How many questions can you get right?

History Trivia!



0-2 correct---------------F---Go back to kindergarten!!!

2-4 correct------------------D---Nice try Like a first grader!

5-6 correct------------------C---You are in junior high school?

7-9 correct------------------B---High school graduate!

10correct-------------------A---College Graduate!!!

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