You can find Brain Training Exercises for the Executive functions below.


This page on Brain Training can be used along with the page on Brain Power, included here are the problems/puzzles/games developed under the six categories ( Executive, Memory, Computation, Spatial, Language, and Social-Emotional) of increasing brain power.

This particular page focuses on Executive exercises which help with adapting to new data

These particular exercises will help you master the executive portion of your brain; well if

not master, at least keep those neurons fired up!!!

We recommend you try at least one of theses exercises below, daily.

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1] The following series of equations are represented by symbols, your mission , should you choose to

accept it is to determine the values of the symbols (note: each symbol represents the same digit in

each equation a number between 1 and 9). The + symbol represents the numerical operator for addition.

@ + % + ? = ! (

$ + @ + * = ! (

! + @ + # + % = ! (

( + # + [ + * + % = ! (

# + % + ? + ! + * = ! (

(Yes, all equations yield the same answer)


Using only the numbers 5-16 once, draw a magic square( a magic square is where each sum in each row, column and diagonal equals a certain number, referred to as the 'magic' number.), the magic number here is 34.

























3] Two ladies names are hidden in this maze. How many times can you spell out their names

reading from right to left, left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top, and along the diagonals?






Little Known Brain Facts:

Executive thinking tools are

cleverly-designed devices.

One such device is Working Memory,

which holds temporary data in mind

while the brain manipulates it.....

Old Brains and young brains

decrease at the same rate.....

Ever wonder why your husband doesn't pay attention as often as he once did?

The male brain ages faster than the female....

4] Four neighbors Stan, Harry, Bill and George recently (at approximately) the same time started using the same Handyman, Able to help them with home improvement projects. He does a fantastic job and they wish to give him a bonus after he has worked for each of them for at least four months, but they can't agree on when that will be. They are having this conversation at the neighborhood block party. Here are their respective Statements:

Stan: Able began working for all of us around the end of March, or beginning of April.

Harry : My recollection is that he started the first weekend after Hurricane Susie, which I know tore off a section of my roof.

Bill : No. It was sometime in April, sometime after I started construction on my pool, it was I think the first week of April.

George: His four months will be in July or August.

Which statement could be correct?

5] Given this sequence of numbers:

151 , 231, 40

214, 378, 82

333 , 861, ___

Can you determine what the missing number in the last row, last column is?

( For this brain training exercise try to discover the pattern that exists between the rows of numbers.)

6] Jim Gordon is a busy executive for Aces Up card-makers. As such Jim spends a considerable amount of time on the road.

For end of year company audit procedures, the accountants need to know how much time Jim

spent on the road. Jim referred to his fourth quarter journal for the most recent year and

discovered for one six week period he was in the office on the : 1st , 4th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th,
22nd, 25th, 28th, 29th, 30th and the 4th and 8th of the following month.

If Jim came in on ONLY one Saturday during that period, can you determine which days of the week Jim was in the office during those six weeks?

Can you also determine which months Jim is referring to from his journal?

Bonus Executive Brain Training exercise:

Here is a bonus example for you to expound on your brain training.

Each symbol represents a digit, and always the same digit. Double symbols represent two

digit numbers.

Now here is the twist:

The * (asterisk) in this problem represents a mathematical operator, but not neccesarily

the same for each equation.

(Try to figure out the values of the symbols ; again the answers to all equations are the same.)

& ! * ? @ = ^ #

* @ * ? = ^ #

$ * $ * # = ^ #

* $ * ! ^ = ^ #

& * & * ! = ^ #

( ( * ! $ * ^ = ^ #

Little Known Brain Facts-2 :

Thinking increases blood flow to the brain. In order to think the brain requires energy.

To make energy the glucose(fuel) in your blood needs to be broken down. After your

glucose (fuel) is spent it is carried away from your brain by the blood.

This is how a healthy system operates........

and executive brain training plays an extremely vital role in this process.

Author's note:

Good Luck, we hope you enjoyed these brain training exercises above.

Don't forget good brain training requires constant practice to keep your mind sharp

and focused. Keep creating those dendrites and axons, expand your 'Executive Lobe'!!

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