Our research shows some of the best free jigsaw puzzle downloads can be found here:


Listed below are the top five (5) places for best free jigsaw puzzle downloads:

(We have actually researched these sites) and we also have live samples.


This site is simple and easy to use.

( I created the puzzle below in less than one minute using a photo of my wife.)

Asawaq Jigsaw Puzzle

When you first visit the site you can select from create a jigsaw, free jigsaw puzzles,

or random jigsaw.

How to use:

1) select create a jigsaw

2) upload a picture from your hard drive

3) Site automatically creates your puzzle on a new page.

One thing I like about this site is you can choose your difficulty level ( by changing

number of pieces).

At the bottom of this page you will also find options on displaying your puzzle, including

Share this jigsaw puzzle with your friends (link), embed in your own page,

Download this jigsaw puzzle, a thumbnail and HTML to use on your website,

4) Simply Copy the code for your desired option.


I would highly recommend this site for creating or customizing your own

jigsaw puzzles. Disadvantages, if any, the only one I could think of would be that

their web site link is embedded in your puzzle ( a small banner at the bottom

of the page)-considering it was free to create this puzzle I think that is an

acceptable trade-off.


Slow upload times, restrictions on file size.

Doesn't have as many options as Jigsawsite.

once you enter their site you click

1) Click create

2) Upload photo

3) Select puzzle size and difficulty.

4) Select options: email, facebook, embed,


Okay for creating your own jigsaw puzzle download, but basic, very basic controls and

help function.

Below is the puzzle I created using jigsaw planet, you must click on the image to start the puzzle.

preview40 piece


After entering website click on:

1) Put a puzzle in your blog, Embed, jigsaw puzzles into your own web pages and blogs.

2) To embed a puzzle, Copy the code that is shown below each puzzle, and Paste it into your page editor.

3) You can use their puzzles or upload your own photo.

4) You have to sign-up as a member.

Very excellent controls and options( after becoming a member and uploading photo).


Far and away the best of the best. I would highly recommend this site for your jigsaw puzzle downloads.

Below is my creation using the JigZone website.

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