You can solve Math problems, by practicing with word arithmetic


Math problems can be difficult to solve, but try some of these challenging word arithmetic

problems to sharpen your skills.

1] In miles per hour what is the average rate of a car traveling one way at

20 mph and traveling back the same distance at 40 mph?

(a) 30mph (b) 35 mph (c) 50mph (d) 26.67 (e) cannot be determined without distance

2] If Thomas is half as old as Alice was when Alice was five years older than

Thomas is now. How old is Thomas?

3] In thirty seconds or less can you tell ( without using a calculator) if 343 x 346

is less than 344 x 345?

4] If A = 300 percent of B, what percent of A is B?

5] A test was given to 60 students and graded on a scale of 0 to 100.

Only 21 scored 80 or better. What is the smallest possible average of

the students as a group?

6] If a, b, and c are consecutive positive even integers, whose sum is

72, what is C?

7] If Bill is the fiftieth fastest and the 50th slowest student runner in his

school. Assuming no children run at the same speed, how many children

are at Bill's school?

8] What is the next number in the following sequence : 4, 9,16, 25, 36, 49 _?

9] Suppose you can only purchase candy bars in packages of 6, 9, and 20.

What is the greatest number of candy bars you cannot purchase?

10] What is the sum of the digits between 1 and 49?

11] Find a four digit number such that the first digit is one-third of the

second digit, the third is the sum of the first and second, and the fourth

is three times the second.

12] Fifty times fifty times fifty ( or 50x50 100 times) is how many times

100 x 100 x 100 ( fifty times) ?

(a) 2 x 2x 2 (100 times) (b)25 x 25 x 25 (50 times) (c) 1 times

(d) different answer

13] A local bakery has to make pies for the county fair . At 8am

this morning Chef Fred has made some pies and places 8 on

each shelf in the pantry. Chef Jim comes in at noon and bakes

more pies, he then takes his pies and makes three additional

shelves, taking this mornings pies and redistributing them evenly

on the shelves so that each shelf now has 5 pies.

How many pies were made for the fair?

14] Two brothers' ages when added total 91. If one brother is now

twice as old as the other brother was when he was as old as his

brother is now. How old is each brother?

15] A typist increased her speed from 25 wpm to40 wpm, what is the

percent of her increase?

16] Of the integers between 10 and 100 how many are exactly divisible

by three?

17] The difference between the smallest and largest two-digit even

integers, divisible by four is?

18] A certain classroom has exactly three times as many boys as girls.

What is the total combined number of kids in the classroom?

19] Bob is three times as old as Ralph. Three years ago Ralph was one

year older than June. If Jim is twice as old as Ralph, List in descending

order the age rank of these four people.

20] What is the next whole number greater than 95,555 where four of the digits

are the same?

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