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So are you wondering exactly what .shockwave jigsaw puzzles are all about?

Shockwave is an online and offline video games distributor and portal, based in San Francisco, United States.

Shockwave has three main tabs on its website, namely online games, download games, and my shockwave.

Shockwave Jigsaw Puzzles-"Free" Trial

On visiting the website, we first click on download free trial ( aware that :

Shockwave UNLIMITED members Sign in to play this game with no time limits

at no additional cost. (For only only $6.99, more on this in a minute).

(Download was quick less than 30 seconds). Didn't install their toolbar.

Oh no only have a 60 minute trial (?) for Super Americana version.

The version has 64 puzzles to choose from on 4 pages (x16).

One nice feature " edges", which shows only the outer pieces, great place to start to build.

Uh oh, slight problem , the pieces are scattered everywhere- no room to spread them out.

Annoying: random hints keep showing up at the bottom.

No option to change the number of pieces or even keep the pieces separate,

(again the myriad of pieces have to be left one on top of the other, very disconcerting)

Shockwave Jigsaw Puzzles-"Free 10-day" Trial

Also, i now see they offer a free 10-day trial, but yet their billing options are very confusing.

Like many other "free" web sites they make you enter your credit card information and then

contact them before the end of the 10-days, something I prefer not to do.

(Why you may ask? Aside from the fact that I am often forgetful, I have learned from experience

that once you sign up for one of these 'free X- Day trials', it becomes more difficult to find the

cancellation page (if they haven't outsourced the payment collection to some unheard

of third-party), either that or you wind up searching ALL of the small print for ways to cancel the

so-called 'Trial' ; trust me, it really isn't worth the aggravation.)

Shockwave Jigsaw Puzzles - "FREE" member

Just signed up as a "free" member.

The graphics and other game selections look amazing( they have thousands of other games),

but I digress, we are only discussing the jigsaw page.

The Game board :

Pieces: You can choose from 104, 150, 228 and 400.

Colors: Great selection you can pick many backgrounds.

Options: You can change the texture, shape of the pieces and even add sound.

Mix: Jumble the pieces randomly.

Solve: Obvious will show you the solution of the jigsaw you are working on.

Preview : Shows the picture in thumbnail view.

Edges: The aforementioned edges, removes all but the edge pieces from the board. from th

Drawer: You can put some of the puzzle pieces in a 'virtual' drawer to remove them temporarily from play/view.

Other features not reviewed here : Rotate, move, shuffle, hint and save.

All-in-all some nice features, however , I have seen a ton of other strictly Jigsaw web sites with more functions, user friendliness, and beneficial features (which I have reviewed elsewhere).

My main complaint is that the game board is crowded , cramped and just plain user unfriendly.


I wouldn't recommend the Shockwave jigsaw page (and only that page) to any serious

jigsaw enthusiast. There are just way too many other great jigsaw sites.

Please visit our other page :Free jigsaw puzzle downloads for a list of the top 5 .

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