Simplified: Turkish ring puzzle solutions


What we see is the crux of the problem of the Turkish ring puzzle solutions: namely, the first photo ( left ) shows the ring

fully assembled and the second photo ( right ) shows it completely un-assembled.

Not to worry , follow the diagram below and all will be revealed ( lol! )

We will start with the un-assembled version to completeness(the assembled to disassembled puzzle we will leave for the marriage counselors-- ( joke ), once we assemble the device the unassembly can be accomplished by reversing the steps).

The first thing before we get started solving is to do some preliminary investigation and look at the construction of our device.

At a quick glance we note: some of the rings are grooved, or notched if you will, while the others seem more smoother , with rounded edges, and furthermore ALL rings are interlaced, or interlocked.

Our Turkish ring puzzle solutions we show are for the more common 4ring puzzle.


1. Grasp the outer rings ( rings with notched/raised ridges ).

Let the other rings hang naturally

2. Keep raising the outer rings until they form a back-to-back diamond or V-pattern as shown.

(Note : This diagram shows the diamond pattern of the outer rings and the inner rings with their rounded edges up, position your device this way ).

3. Next we grasp the previously hanging inner rings and begin to invert them ( that is lower the outer rings as we raise the inner rings ).

The diagram shows the beginning of the process, and it is critical to maintain the orientation of the rings.

This diagram now shows the completed inversion step,

the outside rings are now hanging down (as shown).

4. Next twist the inner ring counter-clockwise with the knotted edge coming back into the other inside band ( forming a figure-eight type pattern ).The inside bands will now join together and the hanging outside bands should be trapped in the figure-eight if done correctly.*

*NOTE : After the twist, this diagram shows the outer rings now CORRECTLY threaded through the figure eight formed by the inner rings.

5. Grasp one of the outer bands and rotate it until the notch nears the figure eight

( See diagram. Note of caution: which outer band to choose is arbitrary and never force the bands.

If one outer band doesn't move, simply , choose the other ).

6. Continue rotating this outside band until it joins the two inside bands ;

the notch should be rotated until it is smoothly over top of the inner bands

( again refer to diagram to the left ).

7. Now flip the ring over carefully and

repeat steps 5 & 6 for the remaining outer band.

Congratulations you have mastered the Turkish Ring Puzzle Solutions!!!

( Author's Note: There are also 6-8-12 ring puzzles, which are similar, visit You-tube for some excellent tutorials.Simply search "turkish ring" and you will find some very well directed videos. )

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