Below are the Vocabulary Puzzle Interactive crosswords

  • Vocabulary Puzzle Interactive crosswords

Below you will find our 'new' interactive vocabulary puzzles. If you would prefer to download and print these puzzles instead, please go to our VOCABULARY PDF PAGES


You can find solutions to these puzzles either below (read the section under 'BUTTONS' ) or again, if you would prefer to download/ print these puzzles visit : VOCABULARY SOLUTIONS

  • Vocabulary Puzzles - HELP

Learning new words and phrases can often be a daunting task that is why we feel it is vital to find unique and refreshing ways to introduce words to a person, so we have designed these following free-form crossword style puzzles to help build your vocabulary. Remember all of these puzzles are always 'FREE' to download!

Strategy and Tips:

Like many other crossword-style puzzles the words are arranged in both across and down orientations, with the words interlaced.

One difference between the standard crossword and these puzzles is that after the clues a word list ( Vocabulary words ) is attached to each puzzle. ( Except for the interactive puzzles, our apologies).

**Our recommendation **

Scan the Vocabulary word list and enter the words you are sure the definitions of first.

For additional crossword assistance visit : CROSSWORD HELP

  • Vocabulary Puzzle Interactive

Please read the instructions immediately below on how to solve/ play interactive puzzles


Game play typically begins in one of two ways :

(i) Click on any square in the grid , this will highlight either a row or column (and the associated clue), then using your keyboard simply type in words in typical crossword fashion.

(ii) Click on any clue to the right of the game board (which will highlight the selected clue in the grid), then using
your keyboard simply type in words in typical crossword fashion.


Start over- Simply restarts or clears the game board (grid)

Cell Solution- Reveals a single letter in the selected square on the grid

Reveal- (Must have clue highlighted) Reveals the single solution of the selected clue.

Solution- A cheat, will reveal the entire crossword solution

Pencil- Used to place temporary guesses (italicized) in the grid.

*TIMER* : For a self-challenge( or to challenge friends) we have added a timer to test your 'speed' acumen.



Vocab letter A

Vocab letter C

Vocab letter E

Vocab letter P

Vocab letter S

Vocab letter Z

Vocab letter B

Vocab letter D

Vocab letter F

Vocab letter Q

Vocab letter V




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