We call these Brain Teasers 'Heavy' because they require
a little bit of math to complete.


These set of Brain Teasers rely more on analytic skills to complete, (by that we mean they rely more heavily on mathematical skills).

If you prefer your brain teasers with less math try this page( 'Light' Teasers), else proceed with caution

but most of all, enjoy!!

Math Puzzlers Series 1-20

2] There are a certain amount of tigers at the zoo. Fifteen have blue eyes . Six have two stripes

and four have neither blue-eyes nor two stripes.

If five tigers have blue-eyes and two stripes how many tigers are there at the zoo?

3] Two US Coins add up to 30 cents. If one of them isn't a nickel, what are the two coins?

4] I have fifteen coins in my pocket totaling $1.00, and I have at least one of each

of the following, a nickel, dime, and quarter. How many of each coin do I have?

5] We are given a triangle with sides A, B, C. Which statement below is true?

(a) C minus B is always greater than A.

(b) C minus B is always less than A.

(c) C minus B always equals A.

(d) There is not enough information to solve the problem.

6] Suppose we have a digital clock which can only display the time with double digits

( for example 08:08, or 09:09, or 10:10). What is the shortest time between any

two times that can be displayed?

(a) 101 minutes. (b) 60 minutes.

(c) 59 minutes. (d) 49 minutes.

7] A clothing store offers successive discounts of 25% off and then another 25% off.

Is it better to take this discount over a single discount of 50% ?

8] There are 21 people at a party. If each person shakes the other person's hand,

how many shakes does that make?

9] Marie owns five skirts, four blouses and two pairs of shoes.

Assuming an outfit comprises one each of a skirt, blouse and at least

one pair of shoes , how many possible ensembles can she configure?

10] What is the answer when you divide 40 by ½ and add 20?

( Be careful with the wording of this brain teaser)

11] How many positive integers between 0 and 1000 are not exactly divisible by 3?

12] Suppose my wife has 20 green shoes and 20 blue shoes in her closet.

Now , without her looking , what is the lowest number of selections from her

closet that she can make to ensure she gets at least one pair of matching shoes?

13] If A is 250 percent of B, what percent of A is B ?

14] A rental store offers successive discounts of 30% and 10%.

What would the equivalent single discount be?

15] Take 1000, add 40, add 1000 again, add 30, add 1000 to that, add 20 , add 1000 again,

add 10, what is your total?

16] There are three lifeguard chairs at the community pool. Thus there may be 1 to 3 lifeguards

on duty at any given time. How many possible different combinations of lifeguards can be on duty?

17] Three consecutive odd integers a, b, and c added together equal 57. What is c?

18] Suppose you have a strainer measuring 4” x 3” x 6” . What is the volume of water it can contain?

( A tricky brain teaser here ! )

19] If everyone working in the kitchen at Jack's Grill works at the same speed, and it takes 8

dishwashers to wash 50 dishes in 60 minutes. How long will it take four dishwashers to wash

100 dishes?

20] Two runners starting from the same initial point , but facing in opposite directions

run three miles in a straight line, then each takes a right turn and runs another

four miles. At this point how far apart are the runners?

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